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What is an HOA?

by Seacoast Homes | Condos | Portsmouth NH Real Estate 03/27/2024

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Thinking of purchasing a home? Before you do, consider if the home is in community with a homeowners association (HOA). HOAs have their own rules and regulations you may need to be aware of. Here is a basic guide to HOAs and some of their pros and cons. 

What is an HOA?

An HOA is made to govern certain neighborhoods to benefit the community. The organization is typically made up of community members. If your home is in an HOA, you’ll need to abide by the regulations set in place by your HOA. This often includes paying monthly or quarterly fees.  

HOA fees

Homeowners associations ask for property owners within the neighborhood to pay fees. Funding is put towards community gardening. It may also be put towards neighborhood trash removal. If your community has a pool or resident center, fees may also go towards the upkeep of these facilities. 

Pros and cons of having an HOA 

Paying extra fees may seem troublesome. Here are some pros and cons to help you decide if having an HOA is worth it: 


  • An HOA board can act as a neutral party to oversell minor neighborly disputes. This can include yard sign placement, grass cutting, etc.
  • You may get access to fun amenities in the neighborhood. 
  • Your overall community is kept neat and clean.


  • The HOA rules may be strict about what you can place in your yard and exterior decor.
  • Additional fees to account for. 
  • Board members may favor one neighbor over the other.

Before you become a property owner, it’s always good to do research on the neighborhood you’re interested in. Speak with your real estate agent to learn more about the community.